Carlos Suárez Nieto

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We analyzed the functional outcome and self-evaluation of the voice of patients with T1 glottic carcinoma treated with endoscopic laser surgery and radiotherapy. We performed an objective voice evaluation, as well as a physical, emotional and functional well being assessment of 19 patients treated with laser surgery and 18 patients treated with(More)
Invasive head and neck squamous carcinomas are among the cytogenetically most complex tumors. Perhaps for this reason, there is little consensus on the prognostic value of specific chromosomal aberrations. Here we present results of CGH analysis of 56 clinically well-characterized set of head and neck cancers, consisting of larynx and pharynx only. The aim(More)
Two groups of four rabbits each were used. In the first group, the greater auricular nerve was grafted into the ipsilateral facial nerve. In the second group, the facial nerve was grafted into the contralateral facial nerve. Electromyographic studies were performed on both groups 21 to 24 weeks afterward, together with an axonal count of the grafted nerves(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the sensitivity and specificity of the head-shaking nystagmus test (HSN), the nystagmus elicited in response to a vigorous rotation of the head in the horizontal plane, in the study of patients with peripheral unilateral vestibular disease. PATIENTS AND METHODS Retrospectively, we analyze the relationships between the HSN and the(More)
We analyzed the microscopic innervations of the pars respiratoria of the nasal mucosa in humans, cats, and rabbits. To this end, the techniques of Jabonero, Champy-Maillet, and Koelle-Friedenwald were employed to detect specific acetylcholinesterase activity. The supremum colli ganglion was also removed from cats in order to observe any tissue changes(More)
The purpose of this study was to explore the interaction between voice asthenicity and the acoustic prediction of vocal hypofunction. One hundred and seven phonatory samples of Reinke's edema were categorized by listeners using GRBAS scale. Seven frequency and time domain parameters were used to predict perceptual severity of asthenicity. Logistic regresion(More)
The classical concept of the autonomic innervation of the nasal mucosa states that the postganglionic sympathetic neurones lie in the superior cervical ganglion and those of the postganglionic parasympathetic neurones are in the pterygopalatine ganglion. We have carried out a study of the fine structure of the respiratory nasal mucosa in man and in the cat(More)
Subjective voice qualities are difficult to transform into permanent objective visual patterns. Voice spectrography is not a new method of voice analysis. However, in spite of many contributions to the literature, few otolaryngologists have used this interesting method as a clinical tool for evaluating the voice before and after surgical voice procedures.(More)
A quantitative study was made of the number of fibers, their diameters and patterns of distribution in 14 ampullar nerves of chinchilla. The nerves were processed for osmium staining, embedded in plastic and cut serially in 1-micron-thick sections for histologic evaluation. Quantitative evaluation of nerve-fiber characteristics was made with the aid of a(More)