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AIM Lipomas are exceptional tumors at the Cerebellopontine Angle (CPA) or the Internal Auditory Canal (IAC). We evaluate clinical, histological and radiological characteristics of the cases diagnosed in our Hospital and the results of conservative versus surgical treatment. MATERIAL AND METHODS We report 4 cases of CPA and/or IAC and review 99 previously(More)
INTRODUCTION The presence of distant metastasis (DM) after the initial treatment of head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) is not considered a common event and it is associated to a poor outcome. PURPOSE To investigate the prevalence and risk factors associated with the diagnosis of distant metastasis in SCC. METHODS AND MATERIALS A retrospective(More)
We analyzed the functional outcome and self-evaluation of the voice of patients with T1 glottic carcinoma treated with endoscopic laser surgery and radiotherapy. We performed an objective voice evaluation, as well as a physical, emotional and functional well being assessment of 19 patients treated with laser surgery and 18 patients treated with(More)
Eighty-seven precancerous lesions of the larynx were studied; 46 showed keratosis, 31 slight dysplasias, five severe dysplasias, and five carcinomas in situ. The average follow-up was 3.8 years per patient, and malignant degeneration was observed in nine of them (10.3%). This arose on a pre-existing dysplasia in eight cases, and in the other on a(More)
Invasive head and neck squamous carcinomas are among the cytogenetically most complex tumors. Perhaps for this reason, there is little consensus on the prognostic value of specific chromosomal aberrations. Here we present results of CGH analysis of 56 clinically well-characterized set of head and neck cancers, consisting of larynx and pharynx only. The aim(More)
Annexin A1 (ANXA1) protein expression was evaluated by Western blot in a series of 32 head and neck squamous cell carcinomas (HNSCCs) in a search for molecular alterations that could serve as useful diagnostic/prognostic markers. ANXA1 down-regulation was observed in 24 cases (75%) compared with patient-matched normal epithelium. In relation to(More)
Two groups of four rabbits each were used. In the first group, the greater auricular nerve was grafted into the ipsilateral facial nerve. In the second group, the facial nerve was grafted into the contralateral facial nerve. Electromyographic studies were performed on both groups 21 to 24 weeks afterward, together with an axonal count of the grafted nerves(More)
Montgomery salivary bypass tube is an effective therapeutic option in the treatment of the pharyngocutaneous fistulas following laryngectomy. The original insertion technique requires general anesthesia to introduce the tube with direct vision of the hypopharynx. In this paper we present an insertion method based in the Seldinger technique that allows the(More)
The craniofacial resection of the ethmoid is a surgical procedure directed at total extirpation of tumours that extend through the floor of the anterior cranial fossa. We have developed an original approach of the anterior cranial fossa through an osteoplastic frontal flap that has been utilized in a variety of problems of the frontal sinus. The procedure(More)
INTRODUCTION Annexins A1 and A2 have been related with the maintenance of tissue integrity. They have been identified in a wide variety of tissues, but little is known regarding their expression in upper the aerodigestive tract. The aim of this work is to describe the expression of these proteins in the mucosa of the upper aerodigestive tract. MATERIAL(More)