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Adaptive systems are characterized by the ability to monitor changes in their volatile world and react to monitored changes when needed. The ultimate goal of adaptation is that users' requirements are always met correctly and efficiently. Adaptation is traditionally driven by the changing state of the system internal and its surrounding environment. Such(More)
Adaptation requires a system to monitor its operational context to ensure that when changes occur, a suitable adaptation action is planned and taken at runtime. The ultimate goal of adaptation is that users get their dynamic requirements met efficiently and correctly. Context changes and users' judgment of the role of the system in meeting their(More)
Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) has gained increasing attention as an agile development approach in recent years. However, characteristics that constituite the BDD approach are not clearly defined. In this paper, we present a set of main BDD charactersitics identified through an analysis of relevant literature and current BDD toolkits. Our study can(More)
In Global Software Development (GSD), distributed stakeholders (e.g. team members, customers, etc) have to collaborate and communicate in an efficient and effective way to share, create and discuss knowledge. Nowadays, a challenge is to provide integrated collaborative tools that implement creativity techniques which allow distributed stakeholders to(More)
Paramyosin of the pig-human parasite Taenia solium (TPmy) is a α-helical protein located on the worm surface that is suggested to fulfill an immunomodulatory role protecting the parasite against host immune system. Besides, in challenging experiments the protein shows a vaccine potential. These observations imply that TPmy harbors antigenic determinants for(More)
BACKGROUND Modern RNA interference (RNAi) methodologies using small interfering RNA (siRNA) oligonucleotide duplexes or episomally synthesized hairpin RNA are valuable tools for the analysis of gene function in the protozoan parasite Entamoeba histolytica. However, these approaches still require time-consuming procedures including transfection and drug(More)