Carlos Sebastián

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Although the precise mechanisms explaining loss of, and failure to regain, function after spinal cord injury are unknown, there is increasing interest in the role of "secondary cell death." One prevalent theme in cell loss in other regions of the CNS involves apoptosis executed by the intracellular caspase proteases. A recent study demonstrated that spinal(More)
The genes of the transporter associated with antigen processing (Tap)-1, and the low molecular weight peptide (Lmp)-2, are crucial for class I major histocompatibility complex function and share a common bidirectional promoter. In murine bone marrow-derived macrophages, interferon gamma (IFN-gamma) induced Tap-1 and upregulated Lmp-2, which is(More)
Macrophages are an essential component of both innate and adaptive immunity, and altered function of these cells with aging may play a key role in immunosenescence. To determine the effect of aging on macrophages, we produced bone marrow-derived macrophages in vitro. In these conditions, we analyzed the effect of aging on macrophages without the influence(More)
In order to determine the effect of aging on macrophages, we produced bone marrow-derived macrophages in vitro from young and aged mice. We analyzed the effect of aging on the genomic expression of macrophages in these conditions, without the influence of other cell types that may be affected by aging. Macrophages from young and aged mice were present in(More)
Aging is associated with the deterioration of several physiological functions, which leads to aged-related pathologies and, ultimately, to death. The immune system is affected by aging, causing an increased susceptibility to infections and mortality, as well as a major incidence of immune diseases and cancer in the elderly. Because macrophages are an(More)
After interaction with its receptor, GM-CSF induces phosphorylation of the beta-chain in two distinct domains in macrophages. One induces activation of mitogen-activated protein kinases and the PI3K/Akt pathway, and the other induces JAK2-STAT5. In this study we describe how trichostatin A (TSA), which inhibits deacetylase activity, blocks(More)
LPS induces the expression of NO synthase 2 (nos2) in macrophages. The expression of this molecule is one of the hallmarks of classical activation. In this paper, we describe that trichostatin A (TSA), which inhibits deacetylase activity, blocks LPS-dependent nos2 expression. TSA specifically inhibits LPS-dependent genes of secondary response, which require(More)
A senescence-accelerated (SAMP8) mouse model was used to determine the effect of aging on the immune system. We produced in vitro bone marrow-derived macrophages from SAMP8 mice and compared them against senescence-resistant, long-lived mice (SAMR1). Although macrophages from both strains of mice proliferated in a similar manner in response to(More)
Article history: Received on: 24/04/2015 Revised on: 14/05/2015 Accepted on: 04/06/2015 Available online: 20/06/2015 Ageing is a natural life process whose manifestations are familiar and unambiguous. Oxidative modification of cellular molecules by reactive oxygen species and impaired antioxidant mechanism play unique role in a variety of age-associated(More)
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