Carlos S Galina

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Although the order of entry to a handling chute is related to social rank, it is still not clear what the consequences are for Zebu cattle of occupying different ranks when being exposed repeatedly to a stressful handling procedure. Eighteen Brahman cows were observed for 243 h to obtain information on social interactions. From that information, indices of(More)
Estrus synchronization induces cows to gather in sexually active groups (SAGs) composed of females displaying mounting activity. Although this technique promotes the enhancement of sexual behavior, there are cows in estrus (CE) that delay estrus expression and also cows not displaying estrus (CNDE) even in the presence of a preovulatory follicle (PF). To(More)
The aim of this study was to establish if pre-synchronization would enhance the number of animals cycling prior to conventional breeding at 45 days irrespective of the length of calf separation. Multiparous Bos indicus cows were allotted in four groups (n = 10). Control group (C) dams remained with their calves; groups G24, G48 and G72, which were partially(More)
The present review describes the behavioral characteristics of bulls raised under tropical and subtropical conditions and emphasizes the difficulties associated with adequately monitoring their performance in the field to predict reproductive potential. Most of the information generated for improving our understanding of bull behavior under range conditions(More)
In order to study the relative influence of social versus hormonal influences on sexual behaviour, three groups were formed from a herd of 16 Brahman cows, two of which groups were synchronized, implanting the second group the day the first had the Synchromate B (SMB) withdrawn. The third group was the untreated control. Cows in the sexually active group(More)
This study compares the courtship and mounting behaviour of Bos indicus bulls in single- and multiple-sire groups in Costa Rica (latitude 10 degrees 25'N, longitude 84 degrees 32'W, annual precipitation of 3096mm, temperature of 24 degrees C and humidity of 85.3%). Four, 3-4 year-old Brahman bulls with previous sexual experience were used to sire a group of(More)
The effect of estrogen administered with norgestomet implants in the expression of behavioral estrous of Zebu cattle was studied in a herd of 18 cycling Brahman cows, in two trials. In the first and second trials, six different cows were treated with progestagen on successive days. In addition, in the first trial, estrogen injection was applied with the(More)
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