Carlos Sánchez-López

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——This paper proposes new pathological element-based active device models which can be used in analysis tasks of linear(ized) analog circuits. Nullators and norators along with the voltage mirror-current mirror (VM-CM) pair (collectively known as pathological elements) are used to model the behavior of active devices in voltage-, current-, and mixed-mode,(More)
It is introduced a new genetic algorithm to synthesize the negative-type second generation current conveyor (CCII-) by superimposing a voltage follower (VF) with a current follower (CF). First, the VF and CF are described by binary genes. Second, the gene CF is inverted, rigth-shifted and multiplied (AND operation) with the gene VF to verify that both genes(More)
This work shows the experimental implementation of a chaotic communication system based on two Chua's oscillators which are synchronized by Hamiltonian forms and observer approach. The chaotic communication scheme is realized by using the commercially available positive-type second generation current conveyor (CCII+), which is included into the AD844(More)
A formulation method is introduced for the symbolic analysis of mixed-mode analog circuits consisting of opamps, current conveyors and/or current-feedback opamps. We show that by modeling all active devices using only nullors and grounded resistors, a reduced system of nodal equations can be formulated and solved by determinant decision diagrams. The nullor(More)
Keywords: Operational transresistance amplifier Current operational amplifier Admittance matrix Symbolic analysis Nullor a b s t r a c t This paper proposes new admittance matrix models to approach the behavior of fully-differential Operational Transresistance Amplifiers (OTRAs) and Current Operational Amplifiers (COAs). The infinity-variables method is(More)