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Menstrual synchrony in human females has previously been demonstrated among women attending a predominantly female university as well as among women attending coeducational universities. In each of these studies, women who spent the most time together were most likely to show the menstrual synchrony. In this experiment, the possibility that substances in(More)
Many investigators have described a variety of immune phenomena associated with endometriosis. Among these are elevated titers of activated macrophages, monokines, and lymphokines in the peritoneal fluid of patients with endometriosis. In 1980, Weed and Arquembourg first described the deposition of complement component C3 in epithelial cells of endometrial(More)
College students whose menarche had occurred 7 years previously, prospectively recorded menstrual and sexual behavior history for 14 weeks as well as basal body temperatures. Regular weekly coital activity associates with the highest incidence of fertile type cycles in this sample of young women as follows: (1) Regular weekly heterosexual behavior was(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of perioperative morbidity in patients undergoing transvaginal oocyte retrieval and to identify those patients at greatest risk for complications. METHODS A retrospective analysis was performed on 674 patients of reproductive age who underwent transvaginal retrieval of oocytes for assisted reproduction technologies(More)
Menstrual cycle lengths of 29.5 +/- 3 days ("normal cycles") are more frequent in women who have weekly coital activity than in women who do not. In order to investigate potential mechanisms controlling the association between heterosexual activity and menstrual cycle length, and in light of the nonhuman literature suggesting that a chemical signal from(More)
Asherman's syndrome is described in today's context. Meaningful literature as it relates to the description and management of this entity is reviewed, and the forms of treatment used at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania or at the Philadelphia General Hospital are presented. Asherman's syndrome describes a variable amount of destruction of the(More)
Seventeen patients with primary (59%) or secondary (41%) infertility and evidence of at least 1 large (greater than or equal to 5 cm) submucosal leiomyoma underwent abdominal myomectomy . In all patients, no other cause of infertility could be found. Following surgery, 2 of the 17 patients elected to use contraception. Thirteen of the 15 patients wishing to(More)
The effect of combined antihistamine and corticosteroid therapy and the effect of dextran on recurrent intraperitoneal adhesion formation were evaluated in 43 monkeys, all of which had been previously used for reproductive tract studies, and, hence, were suffering from adhesion formation to some degree. In a double-blind manner, the monkeys were randomly(More)