Carlos Rodrigo Barros de Siqueira

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BACKGROUND oral complications may be leukemia's first presentation. AIM to present a case of a young girl with a swelling on the face that led to the diagnosis of acute lymphoblastic leukemia is reported. RESULTS a 10-year old anemic girl was referred for evaluation and treatment of a swelling at the left-nasolabial region. Symptoms reported (tiredness,(More)
PURPOSE To compare chronic physical stressed with normal tense animals regarding implant osseointegration in the rat mandible. METHODS Thirty six Wistar rats were anesthesiaded and blunt instruments were used to expose and empty their alveolar inferior nerve. One implant (2.2 x 4mm) was installed into the mandibular canal. Following 72 hours, all rats(More)
The isokinetic strength of the knee extensor muscles of both limbs, at the speed of 30 degrees/second, was evaluated in 25 children and adolescents with Down syndrome. Comparison with two control groups of 40 intellectually average individuals and 30 individuals with mental retardation of unknown origin showed that both children and adolescents with Down(More)
Children with significant growth retardation and normal levels of growth hormone are diagnosed with growth hormone insensitivity. The main oral findings observed in patients with growth hormone insensitivity syndrome (GHIS) are underdeveloped jaws, crowded teeth and delayed eruption of permanent teeth. This manuscript describes a 9-year-old child diagnosed(More)
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