Carlos Rodríguez Delgado

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Olive oil consumption leads to high monounsaturated fatty acid intake, especially oleic acid, and has been associated with a reduced risk of hypertension. However, the molecular mechanisms and contribution of its different components to lower blood pressure (BP) require further evaluation. Here, we examined whether a synthetic,(More)
The correlation between data obtained by Doppler color flow imaging and angiographic severity has been investigated in mitral and aortic regurgitation. However, similar studies have not been performed for tricuspid regurgitation (TR). This study was performed to establish the correlation between measurements of regurgitant jet area by Doppler color flow(More)
We describe three cases of postoperative haemorrhage, two after total hip and one after total knee replacement, treated by percutaneous embolisation. After diagnostic angiography, this is the preferred method for the treatment of postoperative haemorrhage due to the formation of a false aneurysm, after hip or knee arthroplasty. This procedure, carried out(More)
Liver transplantation preserving the retrohepatic inferior vena cava, the so-called piggyback technique, is becoming more frequently used because it avoids caval cross-clamping during the anhepatic phase of surgery. However, hepatic venous outflow blockade causing ascites seems to be less infrequent after piggyback than with cavo-caval anastomosis. We(More)
PURPOSE To describe the technique and our experience in percutaneous creation of a pericardial window in patients with recurrent pericardial effusion. METHODS Eleven consecutive patients (9 men, 2 women; mean age 61 years, range 37-79 years) with recurrent pericardial effusion were treated from December 1994 to October 2000. Malignant effusion was the(More)
BACKGROUND The Pascal is a semiautomated photocoagulator that delivers a pattern array of multiple burns in a rapid predetermined sequence with a single foot pedal depression. Each burn is reduced to 10 or 20 ms to achieve this. The authors report their early experience with this system. METHODS 75 procedures done in 60 patients divided into four(More)
BACKGROUND We evaluated the efficacy and safety of CO(2) wedged hepatic venography (CO(2) WHV) by comparing it with direct transjugular (DP) and indirect arterial portography (IP). METHODS Twenty-one CO(2) WHV and IP examinations were performed in 20 patients; 13 of them also underwent DP within 48 h of CO(2) WHV and IP. IP involved the injection of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE We sought to determine whether previous or incident dementia increases the risk of mortality after stroke. METHODS We assessed clinical, functional, and cognitive status in 324 consecutive stroke patients who were followed up for 24 months. Prestroke dementia was diagnosed at admission (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Bronchiolitis is the leading cause of hospitalization for US infants and is associated with increased risk of childhood asthma. Although studies have shown differences in the presentation and management of asthma across race/ethnicity, it is unclear if such differences are present for bronchiolitis. We examined if racial/ethnic(More)