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— We present a human-robot interactive scenario consisting of a memory card game between Honda's humanoid robot ASIMO and a human player. The game features perception exclusively through ASIMO's on-board cameras and both reactive and proactive behaviors specific to different situational contexts in the memory game. ASIMO is able to build a dynamic(More)
Invasive species can alter the structure and functioning of ecosystems and affect the quality of the services they provide. Effects on biodiversity are well documented, but less is known about their impacts on ecosystem functioning and how these change as their populations increase. Invasive oysters, Crassostrea gigas, were added at increasing abundances to(More)
There is a growing interest on physical and biogeochemical oceanic hindcasts and forecasts from a wide range of users and businesses. In this contribution we present an operational biogeochemical forecast system for the Portuguese and Galician oceanographic regions, where atmospheric, hydrodynamic and biogeochemical variables are integrated. The ocean model(More)
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