Carlos Roberto Victoria

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CONTEXT The incidence and populational prevalence of inflammatory bowel diseases, hitherto unknown in Brazil, were estimated for a region in the Midwest of São Paulo State, Brazil. METHODS Using a sequential registry of 115 adult patients (>15 years old) with inflammatory bowel diseases - exclusively residing in the studied region with 533,508 inhabitants(More)
Fish oil omega-3 fatty acids exert antiinflammatory effects on patients with ulcerative colitis. However, a comparative study in patients with mild to moderate ulcerative colitis receiving only sulfasalazine or omega-3 fatty acids has not been performed. We sought to detect changes in the inflammatory disease activity with the use of either fish oil omega-3(More)
The intestinal population of Escherichia coli is increased in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), but the reason for this elevation, the particular features of these bacteria and their potential role in the pathogenesis of the disease are not known. The present study was undertaken to investigate the adherence abilities and some virulence(More)
The active electrogenic absorption of glucose was studied in 12 niacin deficient rats using a method for measuring changes in transmural potential difference across jejunal mucosa. The glucose was infused in 6 different concentrations (2.5; 5.0; 10.0; 20.0; 50.0 and 100.0 mM/L) at a constant rate of 1.7 ml per minute. The apparent kinetic parameters (Km and(More)
The kinetic of jejunal glucose transport was studied using perfused rat jejunum in vivo. Ninety rats were fed a diet deficient in niacin and 90 a control diet. The jejunal loops of 7 groups of animal were infused each group with one of following solutions of glucose: 5, 10, 20, 40, 80, 160 and 300 mM/l. The Vmax and Km values were determined. The results(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with functional constipation presenting no response to treatment using fibers supplement represents important clinical issue. AIMS To evaluate the relations among the amount of ingested fiber, the constipation intensity and the colonic transit time in patients with functional constipation. METHODS We evaluated 30 patients, presenting(More)
The effects of the clinical and dietetics in patient managements on the protein-energy status of hospitalized patients were retrospectively (four yr) investigated in 243 adult (49 +/- 16 yr), male (168) and female (75) patients suffering from chronic liver diseases (42%), intestinal diseases with diarrhea (14%), digestive cancers (11%), chronic pancreatitis(More)
The nutritional assessment by 24 hour-dietary recall, anthropometry and blood-components measurements was undertaken in 23 adult patients, 17 males and 6 females suffering of chronic diarrhea from pancreatitis (30%), inflammatory bowel disease (22%), short intestine syndrome (9%) and unknown diarrhea (35%). The nutritional assessment was done at the entry(More)
INTRODUCTION Knowledge, attitudes and practices surveys allow to determine the degree of knowledge on the management of malaria in a given population, as well as the attitudes and practices that contribute or not to its transmission. OBJECTIVE To identify the knowledge, attitudes and practices that favor or not the transmission of malaria in the(More)
In niacin deficient rats, it was performed a kinetic and morphometric study of jejunal epithelium. It was observed that the deficient animals showed less villosity (515.1 mu x 570.1 mu; p less than 0.008), enterocyte (35.3 mu x 38.5 mu; p less than 0.004) and mitotic index (4.4% x 5.7%; p less than 0.001) and bigger crypt (238.0 mu x 186.1 mu; p less than(More)