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This paper addresses aspects of design of WiMAX Wireless networks to establish a point-to-point, PTP, link with Alvarion BreezeNET B equipment, from the Health Sciences Faculty of University of Beira Interior to Hospital Sousa Martins (Guarda), and also presents a field trial with pre-WiMAX PTP equipment. The design of the link with relays had into(More)
Sialomucin Complex (SMC; Muc4) is a heterodimeric glycoprotein consisting of two subunits, the mucin component ASGP-1 and the transmembrane subunit ASGP-2. Northern blot and immunoblot analyses demonstrated the presence of SMC/Muc4 in submaxillary, sublingual and parotid salivary glands of the rat. Immunocytochemical staining of SMC using monoclonal(More)
Telecommunications' industry evolves into a high competitive market which demands companies to establish an effective revenue assurance framework. Social network analysis can be used to increase the knowledge about the customers' behavior, not just in terms of individual usage but mostly in relation to the customers' connections and how they create(More)
14:00-14:45 " Network-based auto-probit modeling with application to protein function prediction " Eric D. Kolaczyk 09:35-10:10 " Quantifying and comparing complexity of cellular networks: structure beyond degree statistics " Alessia Annibale and Anthony Coolen 10:10-10:45 " Node and link roles in protein-protein interaction networks " " Using Distinct(More)
The Diagnosis Related Groups (DRG) aren't only a management instrument useful for managers and technicians but also to physicians as professionals who are in fact their producers. The DRG may be used as guides of good clinical practice and as quality pointer. Never as an absolute truth or way of judging something. We study the new arriving 2000 DGR version(More)
This paper reveals the human mobility behavior in the metropolitan area of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The base for this study is the mobile phone data provided by one of the largest mobile carriers in Brazil. Mobile phone data comprises a reasonable variety of information, including data about time and location for call activity throughout urban areas. This(More)
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