Carlos R Talavera-May

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Salvinia minima Baker accumulates a fair amount of lead in its tissues; however, no studies have investigated the effect of lead on the physiological processes that affect photosynthesis in this species. The objective of the present study was to assess whether the high amounts of lead accumulated by S. minima can affect its photosynthetic apparatus. The(More)
An experiment was designed to assess the capacity of Salvinia minima Baker to uptake and accumulate nickel in its tissues and to evaluate whether or not this uptake can affect its physiology. Our results suggest that S. minima plants are able to take up high amounts of nickel in its tissues, particularly in roots. In fact, our results support the idea that(More)
Banana plantations are affected by environmental factors such as chilling injury, which reduces the quality of fruits and causes losses of up to 50% in the yield of banana and it will be more important in terms of global climate change. Chilling injury of the fruits can also occur during transport and storage at low temperatures, particularly in tropical(More)
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