Carlos Queiroz

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SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems control and monitor industrial and critical infrastructure functions, such as the electricity, gas, water, waste, railway and traffic. Recent attacks on SCADA systems highlight the need of a SCADA security testbed, which can be used to model real SCADA systems and study the effects of attacks on them.(More)
Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems control and monitor industrial and critical infrastructure functions, such as electricity, gas, water, waste, railway, and traffic. Recent attacks on SCADA systems highlight the need of stronger SCADA security. It is important to analyze the security risks and develop appropriate security solutions to(More)
Scheduling of service requests in Cloud computing has traditionally focused on the reduction of pre-service wait, generally termed as waiting time. Under certain conditions such as peak load, however, it is not always possible to give reasonable response times to all users. This work explores the fact that different users may have their own levels of(More)
This paper explores the fusion of inertial information with vision for 3D reconstruction. A method is proposed for vertical line segment detection and subsequent local geometric map building. Visual and inertial sensing are two sensory modalities that can be explored to give robust solutions on image segmentation and recovery of 3D structure from images,(More)
InteGrade is an object-oriented grid middleware infrastructure whose goal is to leverage existing computational resources in organizations. Rather than relying on dedicated hardware such as reserved clusters, InteGrade focuses on using user desktops, machines in instructional laboratories, shared workstations, as well as dedicated clusters. In this paper,(More)
Recent spate of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure systems, which are vital to society, have shown that in addition to be infeasible to stop every possible attack it is imperative to keep such systems running. Survivability models and tools are good to evaluate system's capacity to handling undesired events. Current survivability measurement(More)
While health data has been collected at large scale for many years, this data is often difficult to obtain for the purpose of research. This is in part due to the cost and complexities involved in preparing this data for third parties. Health data must be adequately de-identified -- a complex process resulting in full or partial "synthetic" data. This paper(More)
Desktop grids presents a next generation platform for aggregating the idle processing cycles of desktop computers. However, in order to efficiently harness the power of millions of desktop computers, the systems or middlewares that can support high level of efficiency, scalability, robustness and manageability are required. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Message Passing is a popular mechanism used to enable inter-process communication in parallel and distributed computing. Many complex scientific and engineering applications that are executed on clusters have been developed based on this communication model. Due to the huge amount of computing power being wasted in desktops, there is an increasing interest(More)