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BACKGROUND Although quantification of the impact of treatment on survival remains the cornerstone of clinical research, the assessment of a broader range of disease outcomes is growing increasingly important. This manuscript provides an overview of the considerations made regarding quantification of a range of clinical and economic outcomes in the EPHESUS(More)
BACKGROUND Attenuation artifact remains a substantial limitation to confident interpretation of images and reduces laboratory efficiency by requiring comparison of stress and rest image sets. Attenuation-corrected stress-only imaging has the potential to ameliorate these limitations. METHODS AND RESULTS Ten experienced nuclear cardiologists independently(More)
Obesity is a major health problem in the U.S., especially for Hispanic youth. Because maximal/peak oxygen consumption (V.O (2)peak) is one predictor of future weight gain in children, valid field-based methods for determining V.O (2)peak in Hispanic children are needed. The purpose of this study was to validate a field-based aerobic fitness test, the 20-m(More)
Spatial lateralization was examined in 80 subjects by use of a strictly balanced design contrasting sex, handedness and familial sinistrality (absent and present). A modified version of Witelson's dichaptic stimulation task (verbal and nonverbal) was employed. The verbal task showed a significant main effect for the right-hand score. On the nonverbal task(More)
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