Carlos Porcel Gallego

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The present study explored gender differences in emerging language skills in 13,783 European children from 10 non-English language communities. It was based on a synthesis of published data assessed with adapted versions of the MacArthur-Bates Communicative Development Inventories (CDIs) from age 0.08 to 2.06. The results showed that girls are slightly(More)
Access to quality spirometry is an essential objective in order to be able to minimize the underdiagnosis of respiratory diseases, especially in those that are most frequent, such as COPD and asthma. This objective can be reached in the short term, but it requires the simultaneous integration of different strategies: training of the health-care(More)
BACKGROUND To estimate the incidence of Hepatitis C virus (HCV) and the predictive factors through repeated routine laboratory analyses. METHODS An observational cohort study was carried out in Quatre Camins Prison, Barcelona. The study included subjects with an initial negative HCV result and routine laboratory analyses containing HCV serology from 1992(More)
This study analyzes the relationship between lexical and grammatical development in Spanish children. The (European) Spanish version of the MacArthur-Bates CDI was used and administered to 593 Spanish-speaking children between the ages of 16 and 30-months-old. Regression analysis was applied to evaluate the relationship between age, vocabulary (total(More)
The macrobicyclic mixed donor cage ligand AMME-N3S3sar (1-methyl-8-amino-3,13,16-trithia-6,10,19-triazabicyclo[6.6.6]eicosane) is capable of binding to Cu(II) as either a hexadentate (N3S3) or tetradentate (N2S2) ligand. The "Cu-in" (hexadentate)/"Cu-out" (tetradendate) equilibrium for the {Cu(AMME-N3S3sar)}(2+) units is strongly influenced by both solvent(More)
The MacArthur-Bates Inventories are a valid and reliable method for assessing communicative and linguistic skills in infants (8-15 months) and young children (16-30 months), and have been adapted to many languages. This paper presents their adaptation to Spanish. Structure, innovations included in the Spanish version, and the standardisation process are(More)
The substitution reactions of sulfide by phosphines on Pt(IV) complexes having a cyclometalated imine ligand, two methyl groups in a cis geometrical arrangement, and a halogen and a sulfide as ligands, [Pt (Me)(2)X(C-N)(SR(2))], have been studied as a function of temperature, solvent, and electronic and steric characteristics of the phosphines, sulfides, X,(More)
AIM To analyze the adherence to the "Guidelines for the treatment of HIV-infected adults" among HIV-infected prison inmates. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted in 2010 in the Quatre Camins Prison (Barcelona, Spain). Epidemiological, clinical and therapeutic variables were collected. We verified whether antiretroviral therapy (ART) met the(More)
Deaf students have traditionally exhibited reading comprehension difficulties. In recent years, these comprehension problems have been partially offset through cochlear implantation (CI), and the subsequent improvement in spoken language skills. However, the use of cochlear implants has not managed to fully bridge the gap in language and reading between(More)
This study explores morpho-syntactic reading comprehension in 19 Spanish children who received a cochlear implant (CI) before 24 months of age (early CI [e-CI]) and 19 Spanish children who received a CI after 24 months (late CI [l-CI]). They all were in primary school and were compared to a hearing control (HC) group of 19 children. Tests of perceptual(More)