Carlos Ovalle

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Legumes in the genus Adesmia are wild species with forage and medicinal potential. Their nitrogen fixation efficiency depends on their association with soil bacteria known as rhizobia. The aim of this work was to assess the diversity and symbiotic effectiveness of root nodule bacteria from Adesmia boronioides, Adesmia emarginata and Adesmia tenella from(More)
In order to develop a general model of aboveground net primary production (ANPP) of herbaceous communities in grazing systems that combine forested and open grasslands in temperate areas, biomass production and a set of biotic and abiotic variables were measured at four adjacent forest and grassland sites in Chile’s northern Patagonia for two consecutive(More)
In central Chile, many exotic species associated with cereal culture and livestock activities were introduced during Spanish colonization. Nowadays, Chilean semi-natural grasslands are a mixture of native species and exotics that mainly originated in the Mediterranean Basin. The establishment and persistence of exotics (i.e. naturalization) can be due to(More)
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