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The paper investigates the use of the small voltage vectors of matrix converters (MC) in order to reduce the inherent torque ripple that appears when direct torque control (DTC) is used to control permanent magnets synchronous motors (PMSM). The new approach will differentiate between small and large torque errors, thus reducing the electromagnetic torque(More)
This paper presents an alternative Space Vector Modulation (SVM) implemented in Matrix Converters (MC) which improves and reduces the Common Mode (CM) voltage and current output waveforms. The strategy is based on replacing the MC zero vectors for the rotating ones, which reduces the CM voltage derivative and therefore the leakage CM current. By reducing(More)
When facing real systems PI tuning, the plant is modeled disregarding its physical limitations. Consequently, the PI output may increase indefinitely its value; phenomenon called Windup. This paper presents a review and a comparison between different Anti-Windup PI strategies used in speed motion and position control for Matrix Converter PMSM servo drives.