Carlos Ortega

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The aim of this study is to analyze the reticulocyte parameters (classical and research parameters) acquired by the Beckman Coulter GEN'S blood counter (GEN'S; Brea, CA, USA) to establish the "reticulocyte profile" characteristics of patients with anemia of chronic disease (ACD). The reticulocyte parameters and profile provided by the GEN'S were studied in(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of the study was to describe the clinical characteristics and outcomes of critically ill patients with 2009 influenza A(H1N1). METHODS An observational study of patients with confirmed or probable 2009 influenza A(H1N1) and respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation was performed. RESULTS We studied 96 patients (mean age,(More)
TIEG, Dep. d’Enginyeria Electrònica. Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. C. Colom 1. 08222 Terrassa. Catalunya. Spain. Abstract This paper presents a review and a comparison between different Anti-Windup PI strategies used in speed motion control for electrical drives. Usually, when facing PI tuning of real systems the plant is modeled(More)
AbstractThis paper presents an alternative Space Vector Modulation (SVM) implemented in Matrix Converters (MC) which improves and reduces the Common Mode (CM) voltage and current output waveforms. The strategy is based on replacing the MC zero vectors for the rotating ones, which reduces the CM voltage derivative and therefore the leakage CM current. By(More)
1. Three lizard species (Callopistes maculatus, Gerrhosaurus major, and Varanus exanthematicus) were tested for their response to intraperitoneal injection of alcohol-killed Aeromonas sobria. 2. A paired experimental design, in which each animal received an injection of sterile saline and 1 x 10(10) A. sobria, was utilized. 3. C. maculatus demonstrated a(More)