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Energy intensity in Spain has increased since 1990, while the opposite has happened in the EU15. Decomposition analysis of primary energy intensity ratios has been used to identify which are the key sectors driving the Spanish evolution and those responsible for most of the difference with the EU15 energy intensity levels. It is also a useful tool to(More)
Defects in genes involved in coenzyme Q (CoQ) biosynthesis cause primary CoQ deficiency, a severe multisystem disorders presenting as progressive encephalomyopathy and nephropathy. The COQ4 gene encodes an essential factor for biosynthesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. We have identified and cloned its human ortholog, COQ4, which is located on chromosome(More)
Mitochondrial NADH-cytochrome b5 reductase (Mcr1p) is encoded by a single nuclear gene and imported into two different submitochondrial compartments: the outer membrane and the intermembrane space. We now show that the amino-terminal 47 amino acids suffice to target the Mcr1 protein to both destinations. The first 12 residues of this sequence function as a(More)
Acknowledgements: our main thanks and appreciation must go to Ángel Estrada both for his unwavering encouragement as well as helpful comments and suggestions throughout the development of this project. Financial support from FEDEA and Grupo Banco Popular is gratefully acknowledged. We are also grateful for their help to Abstract: The aim of this paper is to(More)
and other colleagues in the Economics Department and the Competition and Consumer Policy Division of the Directorate for Fiscal and Financial Affairs have also provided comments that substantially improved the paper. Of course all remaining errors are the authors. Olivier Boylaud's work on the OECD International Regulation Database has been of great value(More)
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