Carlos O. Galvão

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This paper describes our experience with SegHidro, a project that empowers hydro-meteorological researchers by (i) enabling collaborative work via the coupling of computer models, and (ii) providing access to massive grid-based computer resources. SegHidro researchers are geographically distributed and have different and sometimes complementary backgrounds.(More)
Good water management is literally vital for the arid and semi-arid regions of the planet. Yet good water management requires multidisciplinary expertise, since one must consider climatic, hydrological, economical and social aspects to make balanced decisions on water usage. We here present SegHidro, a grid portal designed to foster scientific, technical(More)
Proceedings of the Ninth International Rain Water Catchment Systems Conference: Abstracts 1 Strategy for Rainwater Utilization in the Next Millennium 1.1 Trends in Water Demands and the Role of Rainwater Catchment Systems in the Next Millennium Adhityan Appan 1.2 Division Study of Rainwater Utilization in China Haisheng Mou, Huilin Wang, Hsiang-te Kung 1.3(More)
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