Carlos Negreira

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The accumulation of misfolded proteins is associated with various neurodegenerative conditions. Mutations in PMP-22 are associated with the human peripheral neuropathy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth Type 1A (CMT1A). PMP-22 is a short-lived 22 kDa glycoprotein, which plays a key role in the maintenance of myelin structure and compaction, highly expressed by Schwann(More)
This work was carried out in a Uruguayan (South American) population to characterize aging-associated physiological arterial changes. Parameters markers of subclinical atherosclerosis and that associate age-related changes were evaluated in healthy people. A conservative approach was used and people with nonphysiological and pathological conditions were(More)
In this paper, a novel black-box modelling scheme applied to non-invasive temperature prediction in a homogeneous medium subjected to therapeutic ultrasound is presented. It is assumed that the temperature in a point of the medium is non-linearly related to some spectral features and one temporal feature, extracted from the collected RF-lines. The black-box(More)
Inspired by seismic-noise correlation and time reversal, a shear-wave tomography of soft tissues using an ultrafast ultrasonic scanner is presented here. Free from the need for controlled shear-wave sources, this passive elastography is based on Green's function retrieval and takes advantage of the permanent physiological noise of the human body.
When a scalar far-field wave is time reversed, it starts to converge toward its initial point source location, then collapses and finally diverges. Without evanescent waves, the symmetric focus spot is limited by the Rayleigh criterion. We present an experimental observation of a time-reversal elastic wave in a soft solid cavity using the transient(More)
Simultaneous measurement of pressure and diameter in blood vessels or vascular prosthesis is of great importance in cardiovascular research. Knowledge of diameter changes as response to intravascular pressure is the basis to estimate the biomechanical properties of blood vessel. In this work a new method to quantify arterial diameter based in high(More)
In this work the shear elasticity of soft solids is measured from the surface wave speed estimation. An external source creates mechanical waves which are detected using acoustic sensors. The surface wave speed estimation is extracted from the complex reverberated elastic field through a time-reversal analysis. Measurements in a hard and a soft(More)
Development of successful small-diameter vascular grafts constitutes a real challenge to biomaterial engineering. In most cases these grafts fail in-vivo due to the presence of a mechanical mismatch between the native vessel and the vascular graft. Biomechanical characterization of real native vessels provides significant information for synthetic graft(More)
This article studies the influence of the head wave in the lateral and longitudinal components of the displacements generated by the radiation of low-frequency elastic waves in an isotropic and homogeneous soft solid. Low-frequency shear waves are used to characterize elastic properties of soft tissues. In this context, it is useful to have a detailed study(More)
In a lossless system, the causal and acausal Green's function for elastic waves can be retrieved by cross-correlating the elastic field at two positions. This field, composed of converging and diverging waves, is interpreted in the frame of a time-reversal process. In this work, the near-field effects on the spatio-temporal focusing of elastic waves are(More)