Carlos Murillo-Sánchez

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MATPOWER is an open-source Matlab-based power system simulation package that provides a high-level set of power flow, optimal power flow (OPF), and other tools targeted toward researchers, educators, and students. The OPF architecture is designed to be extensible, making it easy to add user-defined variables, costs, and constraints to the standard OPF(More)
This paper describes the optimal power flow (OPF) architecture implemented in MATPOWER, an open-source Matlab power system simulation package. It utilizes an extensible architecture that allows the user to easily add new variables, constraints and costs to the standard OPF problem formulation while preserving the structure needed to use pre-compiled(More)
This work presents a stochastic optimization framework for operations and planning of an electricity network as managed by an Independent System Operator. The objective is to maximize the total expected net benefits over the planning horizon, incorporating the costs and benefits of electricity consumption, generation, ancillary services, load-shedding,(More)
This paper describes the architecture and uses of an Internet based software platform called PowerWeb. PowerWeb was designed and implemented as a simulation environment for evaluating various power exchange auction markets through experimental investigation. It is designed to host simulations of a competitive “day-ahead” electric energy market in which the(More)
We propose a new algorithm for unit commitment that employs a Lagrange relaxation technique with a new augmentation of the Lagrangian. The new augmentation involves a duplication of variables that allows relaxation of the coupling between generator timespanning constraints and system-wide instantaneous constraints. This framework allows the possibility of(More)
This paper describes the uses and architecture of a network-centered computing-rich software platform called PowerWeb. PowerWeb was designed and built as a simulation environment for experimentally testing various power exchange auction markets through tournaments. It is designed to host simulations of a competitive “day-ahead” electric energy market in the(More)
a r t i c l e i n f o It is widely agreed that optimal procurement of reserves, with explicit consideration of system contingencies, can improve reliability and economic efficiency in power systems. With increasing penetration of uncertain generation resources, this optimal allocation is becoming even more crucial. Herein, a problem formulation is developed(More)
In this paper, the authors describe a parailel implementation of the Lagrangian Relaxation Algorithm with variable duplication for the thermal unit commitment problem. The formulation was previously reported bp the authors and allows inclusion of the full nonlinear AC’ network power flow model, which permits addressing voltage limits, as well as more(More)