Carlos Monge

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In contrast to birds and mammals, no information appears to be available on the molecular adaptations for O(2) transport in high-altitude ectothermic vertebrates. We investigated Hb of the aquatic Andean frog Telmatobius peruvianus from 3,800-m altitude as regards isoform differentiation, sensitivity to allosteric cofactors, and primary structures of the(More)
Oxygen consumption, air cell gases, hematology, blood gases and pH of Puna teal (Anas versicolor puna) embryos were measured at the altitude at which the eggs were laid (4150 m) in the Peruvian Andes. In contrast to the metabolic depression described by other studies on avian embryos incubated above 3700 m, O2 consumption of Puna teal embryos was higher(More)
LowTemperature Physics in the USSR: P~olmssop. duced by Peptic Digestion of Proteins: PRoiFssoR Low Tbemperatubre UJSSR£: PoROFSSOR H. CROxERTO and DR. R. CROXATTO. In Vitro GuiC. T. LANE . . . . . . . 84 tivation of the Street Virus of Babies: LIEUTENANT The National Roster of Scientific and Specialized PerCOLONEL HARRY PLOTz and REGINALD REAGAN. sonnel:(More)
Blood hemoglobin oxygen affinity (P50) was measured in three Andean species and in the laboratory rat (control), all raised near sea level. Chinchilla lanigera (Molina, 1792) has an altitudinal habitat range from low Andean slopes up to 3000 m., while Chinchilla brevicaudata (Waterhouse, 1848) has an altitudinal range from 3000 to 5000 m. The laboratory(More)
This paper was presented as a working document to the Second Meeting of the PAHO/WHO Program of Textbooks for the Integrated Teaching of Internal Medicine and its Specialties (Washington, D.C., 13-18 December 1976). The need to place the medical student in his environment from the first as an active member of the health team is stressed, and several(More)
  • Carlos Monge
  • Bulletin of the Pan American Health Organization
  • 1978
Health is commonly conceived as having fixed and universal aims, while conditions interposed by environmental and cultural conditions are often ignored or at least shunted to one side. Rejecting this point of view, the author asserts that health in any society should be defined in terms of ecological reality--that is, in terms of the cultural and(More)
This study determined how structural features of the eggshells of coots (Fulica americana) laid at 4150 m in the Peruvian Andes differed from those at sea level in Peru and California and how these features affected exchange of water vapor, O2, and CO2. While barometric pressure at 4150 m was reduced to 60% of that at sea level, the conductance to water(More)
T HE method for measuring cardiac output based on the "dye dilution" principle of Stewart and Hamilton" 2 involves the injection of a known amount of colored substance into a vein and collection of serial samples of blood from an artery for determination of the concentration of dye. Other substances have been used for injection, such as salt solution and(More)
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