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We studied the seroprevalence of antibodies against Trypanosoma cruzi in the human population along with domiciliary infestation by triatomine bugs in an area endemic for Chagas disease in the Chaco Province of Argentina. In addition, we carried out parasitologic surveys in patients, dogs, wild mammals, and vectors. The mean seroprevalence in humans was(More)
Since the 1980s, minimally invasive techniques have been applied to an increasing number and variety of surgical procedures with a gradual increase in the complexity of procedures being successfully performed laparoscopically. In the past, obesity was considered a contraindication to laparoscopy due to the higher risk of co-morbid conditions such as(More)
This work presents the design of a sliding-mode based current controller for a Cascade Full Bridge Multilevel Inverter grid connected PV system. The design also includes a modulation strategy to share the control action among the cascade-connected bridges in order to concurrently synthesize a multilevel waveform and to keep each of the PVG at its maximum(More)
The present paper aims to show the advantages of using Free and Open Source Software for control systems in education. Accordingly, this paper presents a control assignment for an introductory control theory course that can be done entirely with FOSS. This assignment consists of the control of a rotary inverted pendulum.