Carlos Meton de Alencar G Vieira

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The scurvy shows an inflammatory disease and gingival bleeding. Nevertheless, in an animal model for guinea pigs, described by Den Hartog Jager in 1985, scurvy was associated with a motor neuron disease with demyelinization of the pyramidal tract, provoking neurogenic atrophy of muscles. Aiming at searching the protective role of vitamin C in nervous(More)
Cryptosporidium parvum is a leading pathogen in children in developing countries. To investigate whether early postnatal malnutrition leads to heavier C. parvum infections, we assessed intestinal adaptation and parasite load in suckling mice during the first 2 wk of life, analogous to the first postnatal yr in humans. Undernutrition was induced by daily(More)
Apolipoprotein E (apoE) is synthesized mainly in the liver and in the brain and is critical for cholesterol metabolism and recovery from brain injury. However, although apoE mRNA increases at birth, during suckling, and after fasting in rat liver, little is known about its role in early postnatal development. Using an established postnatal malnutrition(More)
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