Carlos Maurício Cardeal Mendes

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BACKGROUND IL28B polymorphisms are predictors of therapy response in hepatitis C virus (HCV) patients. We do not know whether they are markers of treatment response in admixed populations or not. AIMS To determine whether IL28B polymorphisms are predictors of therapy response in patients with HCV from an admixed population and are influenced by genetic(More)
BACKGROUND The rK39 recombinant protein is derived from a specific antigen produced by the Leishmania donovani complex, and has been used in the last two decades for the serodiagnosis of visceral leishmaniasis. We present here a systematic review and meta-analysis of studies evaluating serologic assays to diagnose visceral leishmaniasis to determine the(More)
Leptospirosis is a zoonotic disease that has emerged to cause epidemics in urban communities in developing countries. However, little is known about the infection in the general population. A seroprevalence survey was performed on a random sample of 1,390 subjects in Salvador, Brazil. Data on environmental and socioeconomic factors were collected. The(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptors (KIR) are involved in the activation/inhibition of NK cells through an interaction with HLA class I molecules on target cells. Our study aimed to evaluate the association between KIR gene polymorphisms and the response of patients with CHC to antiviral therapy. METHODS We compared the frequency of(More)
The aim of the present research was to evaluate disk displacements (DDs) of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) among patients referred for magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans, and analyze the type and prevalence of DD, gender, age, side distribution, reciprocal clicking, presence of pain, range of mouth opening movement, and dental condition. The sample(More)
AIM The aim of this study was to compare the soft tissue integration of submerged and non-submerged implants by means of periodontal parameter assessments and analysis. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thirty-one patients, who received 42 non-submerged implants (ITI) and 48 submerged implants (3i), participated in the study. There was no significant difference(More)
Helminthic infections and allergic diseases are highly prevalent in many parts of the world. Although skin reactivity to indoor allergens is decreased in subjects from helminthic endemic areas, the degree of exposure to mite allergens has not yet been investigated in these areas. This study evaluated the association between exposure to dust mites and skin(More)
OBJECTIVE The individual components of metabolic syndrome may be independent predictors of mortality in patients with liver disease. We aimed to evaluate the prevalence of metabolic syndrome and its related components in hepatitis C virus-infected patients who are not obese and do not have type 2 diabetes. METHODS This cross-sectional study included 125(More)
OBJECTIVES To describe the prevalence of and factors associated with overweight in children under 4 years of age in Feira de Santana, state of Bahia, Brazil. METHODS Cross-sectional study nested within a birth cohort of 793 children born in Feira de Santana, Brazil. Independent variables were related to infant characteristics, social and demographic(More)
Considering the potential of tridimensional computed tomography (3D-CT) as a predictor of real bone dimensions, nine dried human skulls with maxillary edentulism were evaluated using images obtained by 3D-CT, prior to the installation of zygomatic implants, in order to obtain the measurements of the implants. In the analysis of correlation between the two(More)