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Presentation of an exceptional case of priapism in an 82-year-old male, secondary to primary bilateral abscess corpus cavernosum. Diagnosis was reached through aspiration puncture and pus drainage, which also allowed the resolution of the condition. After a literature review, no similar case was found. This was a painful, long-lasting erection that resulted(More)
Few reports exist on allergic reactions to ranitidine. We present a case of bronchospastic reaction to ranitidine occurred during a drug challenge test. After administration of a therapeutic dose of ranitidine, the patient showed dyspnea, cough and bronchospasm in all the lung fields. Personal respiratory background was negative for respiratory disease and(More)
BACKGROUND There are few references of allergic reaction to beans in childhood. We report the case of a seven years old boy who suffered from angioedema associated to inhalation of vapours from cooked white bean. METHODS skin prick tests (SPT) were performed by prick-by-prick with cooked white bean and legumes. It was also determined total IgE and(More)
OBJECTIVE To report an additional case of condylomata acuminata in a child, review the literature and discuss the medicolegal implications due to the possibility of sexual abuse. METHODS/RESULTS The diagnosis, treatment and clinical course of the lesions are discussed. Psychological evaluation of the child discarded infection by sexual transmission. (More)
OBJECTIVES Irritative bladder symptoms are common in females. Besides, micturition disorders are occasionally associated. Sensory urgency is one of the syndromes that include the symptoms. This entity is a urodynamic condition defined by the presence of pain or urgency during the filling phase without associated involuntary detrusor contractions. Although(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the results of the Blaivas and Groutz nomogram in the diagnosis of female urinary obstruction with videourodynamic tests. METHODS We performed a transverse study in a series of 52 female patients with ages between 20 and 81 years (mean age: 48.7 years; standard deviation: 14.4 years) and functional lower urinary tract symptoms(More)
OBJECTIVE To report an additional case of malignant Leydig cell tumor of the testis. The clinical, hormonal and histological criteria for malignancy are analyzed and the different therapeutic options are discussed. METHODS/RESULTS A 75-year-old male presented with a painful testicular tumor, dyspnea and generalized syndrome. The chest film showed multiple(More)
OBJECTIVES To update the classification of vesicoureteral reflux in children. METHODS Videourodynamics. RESULTS We categorize the different types of vesicoureteral reflux in children. CONCLUSIONS The usefulness of the classification is demonstrated, with the introduction of some modifications necessary for its continuous updating.
We report the case of a 73 year old male with a bulky endovesical mass infiltrating near organs at the radiologic studies and urinary obstruction. We specify the diagnostic tests which end in the diagnosis of giant benign prostatic hyperplasia. Regarding the case, we consider the causes of solic pelvic masses and the diagnostic methods available, making a(More)
The acceleration of flow rate (ml/sg2) is a urodynamic parameter derived from free flow uroflowmetry. The present study was conducted to determine the role of this new parameter as an alternative to the standard filling cystometry in the diagnosis of detrusor instability in nocturnal enuresis, prostatism and female urinary incontinence. We have observed(More)