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Five production variables and days open were analyzed using 611,680 records from 348,243 cows in 5694 herds enrolled in the Wisconsin DHI program. Production variables included 305-d milk production and several production measures adjusted for combinations of mature equivalent, fat and protein content, and effects of days open. Herds were divided into four(More)
Land-use changes affecting Mediterranean mountains represent the intensification of use in valley bottoms, accompanied by land-use conflicts, and a generalized abandonment of the hillslopes, which in the past were perfectly integrated in the system of land management. Farmland abandonment, reforestation, diminution of the livestock pressure and substitution(More)
This clinical study was undertaken to evaluate the prevalence of surgical complications of the sinus graft procedure and to set a protocol to repair sinus membrane perforations intraoperatively using a variety of techniques and materials. From January 2000 to May 2005, 338 patients were studied, on whom 474 sinus floor augmentation procedures were(More)
PURPOSE Collecting high amounts of autogenous bone often results in considerable donor site morbidity. The hypothesis evaluated with this prospective study is that a modified approach for tibial bone harvesting using a minimally invasive access under local anesthesia plus sedation in an office setting compares favorably in terms of amount of bone harvested,(More)
When paranasal deficiencies are not accompanied by occlusal alterations, mobilization of the maxilla via Le Fort I osteotomy may not be justified. In this preliminary, report for the first time is presented a U-shaped osteotomy (USO) that mobilizes anteriorly and/or superiorly the maxillary bone surrounding the pirifom aperture. Advantages and indications(More)
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