Carlos Mario Rodríguez

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(Co)variance components and genetic parameters were estimated for body weights of an elite Brahman herd under a designed, supervised management and genetic program, including strategic artificial insemination (AI). Restricted maximum likelihood methods were used with a univariate animal model for birth weight (BW) and a bivariate model for weaning weight(More)
Examined the utility of a new parent-report measure designed specifically for pediatric inpatients, the Behavioral Upset in Medical Patients-Revised (BUMP-R). The BUMP-R was administered to 151 mothers of hospitalized children ages 4-12 years the day following the child's hospital admission. The BUMP-R demonstrated good internal consistency and a factor(More)
Coffee plants exhibiting a range of symptoms including mild to severe curling of leaf margins, chlorosis and deformation of leaves, stunting of plants, shortening of internodes, and dieback of branches have been reported since 1995 in several regions of Costa Rica’s Central Valley. The symptoms are referred to by coffee producers in Costa Rica as “crespera”(More)
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