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A white solid compound was isolated from the chloroform extract of the leaves of Senna villosa. The material was identified by (1)H-NMR, (13)C-NMR, IR and EM methods as (8-hydroxymethylen)-trieicosanyl acetate, a new compound with biological activity, which was tested in vitro at concentrations of 1.65, 3.3 and 6.6 microg/ml for inhibition of the growth of(More)
Docking functions are believed to be the essential component of docking algorithms. Both physically and statistically based functions have been proposed, but there is no consensus about their relative performances. Here, we propose an evaluation approach based on exhaustive enumeration of all possible docking solutions obtained with a discretized(More)
BACKGROUND Human enteroviruses (HEV) are the commonest cause of viral meningitis as well as other pathologies, therefore HEV characterization is important both in patient management and epidemiological investigation. OBJECTIVES A 10-year study of patients with enteroviral infection was carried out in Spain to determine the underlying etiology. STUDY(More)
Four hundred four patients with chronic Chagas' disease were treated with itraconazole (6 mg/kg of body weight/day for 120 days), allopurinol (8.5 mg/kg of body weight/day for 60 days), or with a placebo of pure starch. Patients were monitored over a period of four years by clinical examination, serology, xenodiagnosis, hemoculture, and electrocardiogram.(More)
A binding site for TSAO-m(3)T at the interface between the p66 and p51 subunits of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase (RT) and distinct from that of "classical" HIV-1 non-nucleoside inhibitors is proposed. The feasibility of the binding mode was assessed by carrying out nanosecond molecular dynamics simulations for the complexes of TSAO-m(3)T with reduced models(More)
A second generation of benzothiadiazine dioxide (BTD) derivatives was synthesized employing benzylation reactions mainly. The chlorophenylmethyl BTD derivatives showed activity against human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) with IC(50) values ranging from 3 to 10 microM. Their 50% cytotoxic concentrations were often >200 microM to lung fibroblast HEL cell(More)
This study was designed to embrace three areas: a) serologic and radiologic diagnosis and surgical treatment of hydatidosis in an asymptomatic human population, b) animal diagnosis and the treatment of dogs, and c) evaluation of extent of knowledge and performance of educational interventions among rural families and health, livestock, and education(More)
Between November 1990 and March 1992, 24 asymptomatic individuals in Chile with chronic hepatic fascioliasis confirmed by the presence of Fasciola hepatica eggs in feces were treated with a single oral dose of triclabendazole (10 mg/kg of body weight) after an overnight fast. Nineteen (79.2%) of 24 patients were egg-negative two months after treatment.(More)
The benzothiadiazine dioxide (BTD) derivatives are potent nonnucleoside human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) inhibitors. As part of our comprehensive structure-activity relationship study of these compounds, we have now synthesized N,N- and N,O-dibenzyl derivatives with different para-substituents (alkyl, phenyl, electron-donating, electron-withdrawing) in the(More)
The aspiration of different substances into the airways and lungs may cause a variety of pulmonary complications. These disease entities most commonly involve the posterior segment of the upper lobes and the superior segment of the lower lobes. Esophagography and computed tomography (CT) are especially useful in the evaluation of aspiration disease related(More)