Carlos Manuel Fernández

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Cuban Cryptococcus isolates (n = 165) were tested in vitro against amphotericin B, flucytosine, fluconazole, itraconazole, voriconazole, posaconazole, and isavuconazole, giving MIC90 values of 0.25, 8, 4, 0.25, 0.125, 0.016, and 0.016 microg/ml, respectively. Isavuconazole and posaconazole seem to be potentially active drugs for treating cryptococcal(More)
Intramural pregnancy, a gestation completely surrounded by the myometrium located within the uterine wall with separation from the uterine cavity, is an extremely unusual form of pregnancy. Complications resulting from intramural pregnancy include inevitable uterine rupture with resultant hemorrhage and possible hysterectomy if diagnosis is not made early(More)
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