Carlos Machado

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This paper describes an Autonomous Mobile Robot team which plays football, developed by the Group of Automation and Robotics at the (Portugal). In this competition each team is free to use and/or build all the different electronics, sensory systems, playing algorithms, etc. as far as they cope with the rules imposed by the organisation. Instead of using(More)
This paper describes an autonomous robot football team. The work is being carried out since 1998. It describes the hardware used by the robots, the sensory system and interfaces, as well as the game strategy. Data acquisition for the perception level is carried out by the vision system, and the image processing system is described. Two cameras are used(More)
Sexually reproducing organisms produce two very different phenotypes (males and females), by differential deployment of essentially the same gene content. This dimorphism provides an excellent model to study how transcriptomes are differentially regulated, which is one of the central problems of biology. The core sex determination pathway of Drosophila is a(More)
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