Carlos M. Carrasco

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Fascioliasis is highly endemic in the Andean region of South America. Newer serological assays have improved our ability to diagnose acute fascioliasis. The diagnosis was established by Fasciola hepatica serology (Fas2-ELISA or Western blot) in 10 patients. Identifiable exposure included ingestion of watercress (N = 8), alfalfa juice (N = 5), and lettuce (N(More)
Synthesis of the iron-containing prosthetic groups-heme and iron-sulfur clusters-occurs in mitochondria. The mitochondrion is also an important producer of reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are derived from electrons leaking from the electron transport chain. The coexistence of both ROS and iron in the secluded space of the mitochondrion makes this(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunction, iron accumulation, and oxidative damage are conditions often found in damaged brain areas of Parkinson's disease. We propose that a causal link exists between these three events. Mitochondrial dysfunction results not only in increased reactive oxygen species production but also in decreased iron-sulfur cluster synthesis and(More)
A case of malignant esophageal schwannoma is reported. A 54-year-old man consulted for a 1-year history of dysphagia. Investigations revealed a tumor of the distal esophagus, with involvement of the cardia, and were suspicious for metastatic mediastinal nodes. Ivor-Lewis esophagectomy with gastric-tube reconstruction was performed, with favorable outcome.(More)
Neuronal death in Parkinson's disease (PD) is often preceded by axodendritic tree retraction and loss of neuronal functionality. The presence of non-functional but live neurons opens therapeutic possibilities to recover functionality before clinical symptoms develop. Considering that iron accumulation and oxidative damage are conditions commonly found in(More)
We report a 18 years old woman that was admitted with a history of four days of cardiac failure with acute pulmonary edema, high blood pressure, left ventricular dilatation and moderate to severe systolic dysfunction. Twenty four hours after admission she had a miscarriage, expelling a mole. The diagnosis of hyperthyroidism caused by a mole and early pre(More)
Mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative damage, often accompanied by elevated intracellular iron levels, are pathophysiological features in a number of neurodegenerative processes. The question arises as to whether iron dyshomeostasis is a consequence of mitochondrial dysfunction. Here we have evaluated the role of Iron Regulatory Protein 1 (IRP1) in the(More)
We report a 70 years old man presenting with malaise, anal pain and progressive defecation difficulty, with a decrease in stool caliber. The patient had no contact or past history of tuberculosis. On physical examination, there was an ulcerated anal lesion with purulent discharge, that produced an anal stenosis. The patient had an erythrocyte sedimentation(More)
Thyroid lymphoma represents less than 1% of malignant thyroid tumors and its diagnosis is difficult. We report a 25 years old woman, admitted with the diagnosis of diffuse euthyroid goiter and thyroid cancer. She was subjected to a subtotal thyroidectomy and the pathological study of the surgical piece showed a Hodgkin lymphoma, subtype nodular sclerosis.(More)