Carlos Lopez

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In March 2002, typhus fever was diagnosed in two patients residing in West Virginia and Georgia. Both patients were hospitalized with severe febrile illnesses, and both had been recently exposed to or had physical contact with flying squirrels or flying squirrel nests. Laboratory results indicated Rickettsia prowazekii infection. T yphus fever from(More)
This paper aims to show that by using low level feature extraction, motion and object identifying and tracking methods, features can be extracted and indexed for eYcient and eVective retrieval for video; such as an awards ceremony video. Video scene/shot analysis and key frame extraction are used as a foundation to identify objects in video and be able to(More)
invited speaker: irene Tracey nuffield Professor anaesthetic science & director, oxford centre for fMri of Brain, nuffield department of clinical neurosciences, (head, nuffield division anaesthetics), oxford university, england, uK The ability to experience pain is old and shared across species. It confers an evolutionary advantage and provides a warning of(More)
  • Mr Peilang James Zhang, Bruce Walsh, Morgan Kiefer, Construction, Mark Coffey, Petri Fast +9 others
  • 2004
The optimal design of the Morgan Construction Companies' laying pipe is investigated. This crucial component of their rolling mill equipment suffers from rapid, uneven wear. During the 2003 Mathematical Problems in Industry Workshop, a team of ten investigators from five universities and one national laboratory developed a pipe design approach intended to(More)
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