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Early in postnatal life, the first wave of spermatogenesis is accompanied by an initial wave of germ cell apoptosis. This may reflect an adjustment in the number of germ cells that can be adequately maintained by Sertoli cells. Two major pathways (intrinsic and extrinsic) are involved in the process of caspase activation and apoptosis in mammalian cells.(More)
We study almost automorphic (mild) solutions of the semilinear fractional equation ∂ α t u = Au + ∂ α−1 t f (·, u), 1 < α < 2, considered in a Banach space X, where A is a linear operator of sectorial type ω < 0. We prove the existence and uniqueness of an almost automorphic mild solution assuming f (t, x) is almost automorphic in t for each x ∈ X,(More)
We propose a general method to obtain the representation of solutions for linear fractional order differential equations based on the theory of (a, k)-regularized families of operators. We illustrate the method in case of the fractional order differential equation D α t u (t) + µD α t u(t) = Au(t) + t −α Γ(1 − α) (u (0) + µu(0)) + f (t), t > 0, 0 < α ≤ 1,(More)
During the last few decades, the use of flexible structural systems has steadily increased importance. The study of a flexible aerospace structure is a problem of dynamical system theory governed by partial differential equations. We consider here the problem of characterize well posedness, for a mathematical model of a flexible space structure like a thin(More)
The pathways leading to male germ cell apoptosis in vivo are poorly understood, but are highly relevant for the comprehension of sperm production regulation by the testis. In this work, we show the evidence of a mechanism where germ cell apoptosis is induced through the inactivation and shedding of the extracellular domain of KIT (c-kit) by the protease(More)
The photocatalytic degradation of two industrial-grade surfactants, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) and sodium dodecylbenzenesulphonate (SDDBS), were achieved using TiO2 immobilised on glass Raschig rings and inside a bent tube of glass, using two different photoreactors in recirculation batch mode with a black light fluorescent tube as irradiation source. The(More)
Testicular injuries like torsion or cryptorchidism can cause massive germ cell death, which could have great impact on male reproductive health. In addition, it has been proposed that modern life style, in the form of underwear or sedentary work position, could increase the testicular temperature, induce germ cell apoptosis, reduce spermatozoa quality and(More)
We state mean ergodic theorems with rates of approximation for a new class of operator families. Our result provides a unified approach to convergence rates for many particular strongly continuous solution families associated to linear evolution equations such as the abstract Cauchy problem of the first and second order, and integral Volterra equations of(More)