Carlos Lino Ramírez

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Cyclic instability is a problem that, despite being shown to affect intelligent environments and in general any rule-based system, the strategies available to prevent it are still limited and mostly focused on centralized approaches. These approaches are based on topological properties of the Interaction Network (IN) associated , and locking a set of(More)
In our current situation, intelligent energy management is essential, it is necessary not only change the way how it is delivered, but also how users use it. Small changes in our life daily, such as turning off lights or air conditioning when there are not people who use it, can result in substantial energy savings. In this document, we provide information(More)
In recent years, the problem of cyclic instability has been investigated mainly using two approaches: analysing the topological properties of the system (finding loops or feedback) and bio-inspired optimization. One of the main disadvantages of analysing the topology of the system (i.e. The connectivity of the agents involved in the environment) is the(More)