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This study of a series of 40 mildly head injured (concussed) patients suggests that different physiologic pathways underlying the tests done in a six-part resting EEG, and for the 11 evoked electrical potential shifts occurring in the cerebral terrain, are testable. Further work seems likely in order to ascertain which clinical signs and symptoms may be(More)
The development of avatars has significant potential to enhance realism, automation capability, and effectiveness across a variety of training environments. Project Lifelike is a three-year National Science Foundation effort whose objective is to develop and evaluate realistic avatar interfaces as portals to intelligent programs capable of relaying(More)
This article describes research to build an embodied conversational agent (ECA) as an interface to a question-and-answer (Q/A) system about a National Science Foundation (NSF) program. We call this ECA the LifeLike Avatar, and it can interact with its users in spoken natural language to answer general as well as specific questions about specific topics. In(More)
This paper addresses the bandwidth and latency optimization of Embedded Simulation (ES) communications within tactical Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) networks while supporting an Enroute Mission Planning and Rehearsal (EMPR) for ground combat vehicles and other use cases. Simulation data(More)
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