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BACKGROUND Poorly defined cohorts and weak study designs have hampered cross-cultural comparisons of course and outcome in schizophrenia. AIMS To describe long-term outcome in 18 diverse treated incidence and prevalence cohorts. To compare mortality, 15- and 25-year illness trajectory and the predictive strength of selected baseline and short-term course(More)
This study reports on the findings from a WHO sponsored cross-national investigation of life events and schizophrenia. Data are presented from a series of 386 acutely ill schizophrenic patients selected from nine field research centers located in developing and developed countries (Aarhus, Denmark; Agra, India; Cali, Colombia; Chandigarh, India; Honolulu,(More)
Public utilities services (gas, water and electricity) have been traditionally automated with several technologies. The main functions that these technologies must support are AMR, automated meter reading, and SCADA, supervisory control and data acquisition. Most meter manufacturers provide devices with Bluetoothreg or ZigBeetrade communication features.(More)
Datamining has become increasingly common in both the public and private sectors. A non-technical loss is defined as any consumed energy or service which is not billed because of measurement equipment failure or ill-intentioned and fraudulent manipulation of said equipment. The detection of non-technical losses (which includes fraud detection) is a field(More)
A method for Information Extraction (IE) in a set of knowledge is proposed in this paper in order to answer to user consultations using natural language. The system is based on a fuzzy logic engine, which takes advantage of its flexibility for managing sets of accumulated knowledge. These sets can be built in hierarchic levels by a tree structure. A method(More)