Carlos Kavka

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Technology trends enable the integration of many processor cores in a System-on-Chip (SoC). In these complex architectures, several architectural parameters can be tuned to find the best trade-off in terms of multiple metrics such as energy and delay. The main goal of the MULTICUBE project consists of the definition of an automatic Design Space Exploration(More)
The CMS experiment expects to manage several Pbytes of data each year during the LHC programme, distributing them over many computing sites around the world and enabling data access at those centers for analysis. CMS has identified the distributed sites as the primary A. Fanfani et al. location for physics analysis to support a wide community with thousands(More)
The performance of a distributed system can be enhanced by using the capacity of idle or under-utilized workstations. These workstations are ideal candidates to migrate processes from workstations that do not have enough capacity. Most of the existing load balancing algorithms are fixed in the operating system and cannot be modified or adapted. The purpose(More)
Preface Faced with insufficient performance of traditional computational methods on demanding real-world problems, computer scientists have decades ago started designing a novel class of problem solving techniques inspired by biological phenomena, such as collaboration and competition among individuals in a struggle for limited resources, recombination and(More)