Carlos Kakuda

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Anterior instability is a difficult clinical problem that is treated by a variety of open and arthroscopic methods with good results. Bankart repair remains a popular option. However, in those situations involving irreparable ligamentous damage or bony deficiency, this technique may be insufficient to stabilize the shoulder. One of the principal methods of(More)
With regard to the anatomic basis of Neer type 2 fractures of the distal part of the clavicle, a clavicle fracture is associated with a coracoclavicular conoid ligament disruption. We describe an arthroscopic-assisted surgical procedure to stabilize the fracture and reconstruct the ligament. Surgery is performed with the patient in the beach-chair position.(More)
Osteoid osteomas (OOs) are benign tumors; intra-articular lesions are rare, and few localizations at the elbow are reported. We present 2 cases of OO in young patients; both described limited motion, and 1 patient reported pain. Diagnosis was suspected on the basis of computed tomography findings. Arthroscopic exploration of the joint was performed, bony(More)
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