Carlos José Reis de Campos

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We have analyzed 155 subjects with STAI (State-Trait Anxiety Inventory): 75 epileptic patients and 80 normal subjects used as a control group. A higher trait-anxiety score (chronic anxiety) than that of controls was found for the epileptic group. For the epileptic group higher levels of the A-trait occurred in patients with EEG abnormalities with left(More)
We studied 49 patients with partial epilepsy divided into lesional cases (i.e. with lesions on CT scan) and non-lesional cases (i.e. without CT scan lesions), in relation to the Wechsler Intelligence Scale subtests (Coding, Digit span), dichotic listening CV task and Central Auditory Test (SSI, PSI). The aim of this paper was to study the hemispheric(More)
Surgery of arteriovenous malformations (AVM) and of cavernous angiomas (cavernoma) in the majority of cases is indicated subsequently to episodes of bleeding. With the development of techniques for diagnosis and surgery for epilepsy of difficult control, indication for surgery of these vascular lesions has become greater. We present nine patients with(More)
OBJECTIVES Currently, information technology is part of several aspects of our daily life. The objective of this paper is to analyze and discuss the use of information technology in both medical education and/or medical practice. SOURCES Information was gathered through non-systematic bibliographic review, including articles, official regulations, book(More)
The authors report the surgical management of 32 patients with medically intractable seizures. In all cases the epileptiform focus present in the temporal region was demonstrated by electroencephalography. Our report was made up of 14 male patients and 18 female patients. Their ages ranged from 9 to 62 years. The material was divided into two groups. The(More)
Taber et al. (1977) introduced new model of epilepsy to obtain experimental status epilepticus in mice, through a modification of the kindling method (Goddard et al. 1969). The aim of this paper is to report the effect of Taber's modification on a new animal specie (rats). Bipolar, twisted steel electrodes were stereotaxically implanted into the CA1-CA3(More)
Sixty-five outpatients with photoparoxysmal response (PPR) during routine EEG were studied. The PPR showed prevalence in women (75.4%). Seizures were found in 66.1% of cases. The rest recordings were abnormal in 41.8% with prevalence of generalized paroxysm. Eight patterns of PPR were observed, being polyspike mixed to slow wave the most frequent (53%). The(More)
The performance in visual verbal and non-verbal attentional tests was studied in 14 male and 18 female control subjects and 33 patients with cryptogenic partial epilepsy. The epileptic group was formed of 17 men and 16 women with no evidence of brain damage in CT scan examinations. Interictal epileptiform activity was observed only unilaterally, either in(More)
This study concerns about brain electrical activity during auditory stimulation in 2 aphasic patients, one with classical (left hemisphere lesion) and another with cross aphasia (right hemisphere lesion). Both cases were submitted to dichotic listening test (consonant-vowel-consonant task) and music audition (gregorian chant), during brain mapping(More)