Carlos José Dornas Gonçalves Barbosa

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This report describes two patients who presented acute disseminated and severe toxoplasmosis as the first opportunistic disease related to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome. At admission, clinical and laboratory findings were similar to sepsis or septic shock and a fast evolutive course to death occurred in both cases. At necropsy, an inflammatory reaction(More)
BACKGROUND In HIV-infected patients the risks for cardiovascular disease are multifactorial. Autonomic dysfunction has been detected in the early phase of HIV infection as well as in AIDS patients with advanced cardiomyopathy. METHODS Forty AIDS patients receiving highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART), 40 HIV+ naïve of HAART, and 40 control(More)
BACKGROUND Arterial hypertension and Chagas' disease are prevalent pathologies in Latin America. It has been demonstrated that each one of them may cause cardiac autonomic dysfunction. This study aimed to investigate the pattern of cardiac autonomic modulation in chagasic-hypertensive patients. METHODS Subjects (n=120) without left ventricular dysfunction(More)
BACKGROUND Data from over 4 decades have reported a higher incidence of silent infarction among patients with diabetes mellitus (DM), but recent publications have shown conflicting results regarding the correlation between DM and presence of pain in patients with acute coronary syndromes (ACS). OBJECTIVE Our primary objective was to analyze the(More)
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