Carlos José Álvarez-López

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The success of landscape planning and environmental management strategies depends largely on the congruence between the operational scales of landscapes and the spatial scope of the planning instruments. In order to achieve good results, landscape planning units should be designed to fit the structural and functional characteristics of the landscape. This(More)
GOALS Detect if there are differences in prevalence, distribution of cardiovascular risk factors and risk according to REGICOR and SCORE's function; between people belonging to different occupational classes and population at risk of social exclusion. DESIGN Cross-sectional. SITE: Occupational health unit of the City Hall of Córdoba. PARTICIPANTS Sample(More)
Ever since they were created in the 70s, Decision Support Systems (DSS) have been a great source of help with different management problems such as the optimization of travel times in airlines or train companies, medical diagnosis, business management, natural resource management, agriculture and forestry. Forest planning uses forest simulators that usually(More)
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