Carlos J. P. Lucena

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Multi-agent Systems Product Lines (MAS-PLs) have emerged to integrate two promising trends of software engineering: agent-oriented software engineering and software product lines. In this paper, we propose a domain engineering process to develop MAS-PLs, built on top of agent-oriented and software product line approaches.
The product line approach has been pointed out as a means to improve software organization’s productivity. It offers both technical and managerial support to design applications for a specific domain from a welldefined infrastructure. A specific application can be developed from this infrastructure by customizing its variable aspects. This paper presents a(More)
This work proposes an object-oriented framework for implementing a multi-agent system to collect, process, and publish information in the web. The primary objective is to create a framework for developing autonomous applications related to qualification and elimination problems in sports tournaments. These applications involve collecting results from(More)
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