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—In this correspondence, we reply to the comments in Gu et al. [ " Comments on 'A blind signal separation method for multiuser communications,' " We explain that the global convergence analysis of the method in Castedo et al. [ " A blind signal separation method for multiuser communications, " IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing,] can be completed as an(More)
This paper deals with the problem of blind interference suppression in Direct-Sequence Code Division Multiple Access (DS/CDMA) channels. We investigate the incorporation of linear constraints to the Constant Modulus (CM) criterion to obtain a new blind adaptive receiver that only requires chip synchronization and acquisition of the desired user code. An(More)
The problem of blind channel identiication for Direct-Sequence/Code-Division Multiple-Access (DS/CDMA) multiuser systems is explored. For wideband DS/CDMA signals, multipath distortion is well modeled by a a nite-impulse response model. In this work, a blind channel identiication technique based on second order statistics is investigated. The method(More)
Biological homogenization is defined as a process that occurs when native species are replaced by common and dominant exotic species or due to depletion and expansion of native species, reducing the beta diversity between areas or habitats. Islands are particularly vulnerable to plant invasion, and as a consequence, homogenization is a process that can(More)
In this paper we address the problem of indoor tracking using received signal strength (RSS) as a position-dependent data measurement. Since RSS is highly influenced by multipath propagation, it turns out very hard to adequately model the correspondence between the received power and the transmitter-to-receiver distance. Although various models have been(More)
The chemical composition of green seaweed, Monostroma undulatum, Wittrock, growing in the Southern Argentina coast, was studied. Samples were collected in Puerto Deseado, province of Santa Cruz (47 degrees 45'L.S., 65 degrees 55'L.W.), from October to December 1999 and 2000. It has been analyzed six sample during this period. Algae were washed with sea(More)
The formation of helical self-assembled fibres by a C(3) symmetric molecule incorporating three tetrathiafulvalene units is shown to be influenced dramatically by the processing conditions, leading to a variety of different chiral forms, including unprecedented croissants.
Catalysts used for heterogeneous processes are usually composed of metal nanoparticles dispersed over a high-surface-area support. In recent years, near-ambient pressure techniques have allowed catalyst characterization under operating conditions, overcoming the pressure gap effect. However, the use of model systems may not truly represent the changes that(More)
The IEEE 802.11p standard has been optimized for low-delay small-bandwidth wireless communications to provide vehicular safety services. However, IEEE 802.11p transceivers can considerably improve their robustness by incorporating MIMO transmission methods. Moreover, multiple antennas can also be used to increase the data transfer rate of IEEE 802.11p(More)