Carlos Ivan Castro Marquez

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  • Jaime Ros, Jaime Ros Bosch, José Casar, Kwan Kim, Carlos Marquez, Juan Carlos Moreno +2 others
  • 1991
He has done research and published numerous articles on Mexico's economic problems, applied macroeconomics, and industrial economics. He is currently working on inflation and macroeconomic policies in Latin America. In spring 1988 he was a residential fellow at the Kellogg Institute. An earlier version of this paper was produced as a part of a larger(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim was to study the role of leptin in the development of dementia. METHODS Follow-up of the ALEXANDROS cohorts, with baseline measurements in 2000. From 1,136 available subjects free of dementia at baseline, 667 subjects had frozen baseline blood samples for measuring leptin and soluble leptin receptor (sOB-R). The free leptin index (FLI)(More)
—Formal techniques provide exhaustive design verification, but computational margins have an important negative impact on its efficiency. Sequential equivalence checking is an effective approach, but traditionally it has been only applied between circuit descriptions with one-to-one correspondence for states. Applying it between RTL descriptions and(More)
Among the current verification techniques, functional verification has received important attention, since it represents an alternative that keeps HDL validation costs low throughout the circuit's design cycle. Functional verification is based in testbenches, and it works by exploring the whole (or relevant) model's functionality, applying sets of(More)
T cell precursors arising from hematopoietic stem cells colonize the thymus during ontogeny, where they undergo a complex maturational process involving genotypic and phenotypic changes in the expression of distinct surface molecules. Later, they migrate to the periphery as immunocompetent T cells expressing clonally distributed TCR structures (1-4). Four(More)
Developmental analyses of B cell differentiation are consistent with the existence of at least two distinct lineages. Thus, adult bone marrow solely regenerates the commonest (Ly-1-) lineage, while Ly-1 + B cells reconstitute the Ly-1 + B cell lineage (1). CBA/N mice carrying the X-linked immunodeficiency gene (xid) show a defective differentiation of B(More)
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