Carlos Illueca

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We have examined the possible presence of color vision anomalies in 9 individuals (17 eyes, 1 blind) with fundus findings suggesting ocular albinism using the Ishihara plates, the 28-hue Roth test, and the Davico anomaloscope. Results indicate that four of these individuals show no sign of the anomalies expected in an albino in either of the two eyes. Of(More)
Measuring the contrast sensitivity function (CSF) is becoming more frequent in the analyses that are routinely done in optometric practice. This measurement is generally done in far vision, and the observation distance and its effects are not considered to significantly alter this function. Among these effects we should point out the accommodation of the(More)
Recent advances in ophthalmic anterior segment imaging: a new era for ophthalmic diagnosis? " , Brit. J Ophthalmol. 91, 551-557 (2007). [7] C. O'Donnell, C. Maldonado-Codina, " Agreement and repeatability of central thickness measurement in normal corneas using ultrasound pachymetry and the OCULUS pentacam " , Cornea 24, 920-924 (2005). ABSTRACT: The(More)
We present a noninvasive technique for high-speed measuring of eye retraction and eyelid position during blinking. The anterior chamber of the eye is illuminated by the slit lamp of a biomicroscope and eye dynamics during a blinking sequence are captured with a high-speed camera working at 500 frames per second. Digital image processing allows quantitative(More)
We show how contrast (C) affects the recognition of defocused letters. To do this, the maximum distance (threshold distance) at which a subject, with an induced refraction of -5.5 D, can recognize a letter was determined. Our results show that when C = 1, the recognition threshold distance is such that the ratio eta/xi, between the pseudoimage of the letter(More)
A knowledge of the shape of the cornea is of major importance for the planning and monitoring of surgery, and for the correct diagnosis of corneal diseases. Many authors have studied the geometry of the second corneal surface in the central region and it has been stated that there is a high correlation between the central radii of curvature and(More)
Inflammatory diseases of the pituitary gland constitute a group of interest because of their scarce frequency, because the disorder presents with symptoms of hypopituitarism and expanding sellar mass and because of their therapeutics implications. We present one case of idiopathic granulomatous hypophysitis, in a 55-years-old patient with daily headaches,(More)
The relationship between visual acuity (VA) and background colour is a question that still creates a certain amount of confusion even today, although most authors agree that colour background does not basically affect VA, or at best, values that are only slightly better are obtained with monochromatic yellow light. The object of this paper is to try to(More)
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