Carlos Ibarra-Valdez

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In this paper, a deterministic framework for modeling stock market dynamics is presented. The model is based on assets conservation principles and consists of a series of di0erential equations describing the dynamics of assets trading, and a (nonlinear) functional equation describing trade conservation (i.e., what is bought (sold) by one trader is sold(More)
A deterministic model is introduced in terms of conservation principles to describe the (qualitative) price dynamics of a stock market. It is shown how the fundamentalist and chartist patterns of the trader behavior affect the price dynamics. The model can display complex oscillatory behavior with transient erratic oscillations, which resembles the behavior(More)
Blending operations are widely used in industrial plants including oil refineries, chemical plants, and cement plants. The operation mixes two or more streams with different properties to a given specification (e.g. temperatures, quality, etc.). The problem of optimal blending has been widely treated, mainly with a mathematical control theory point of view.(More)
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