Carlos Humberto Leal-Garza

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Sister chromatid exchanges (SCE) are reciprocal exchanges between sister chromatids. It has been reported that in patients with cervical cancer, the frequency of SCE in peripheral lymphocytes is significantly higher than that in normal individuals; however, other studies have shown no significant difference. The aim of this unmatched case-control study was(More)
Cervical cancer represents the second most common malignant neoplasia in women world-wide. In Mexico, cervical cancer is the most common female malignancy. It has been recently seen an increased frequencies of micronuclei (MN) lymphocytes and cervical epithelial cells of cervical cancer patients. The aim of this hospital-based unmatched case-control study(More)
A cross-sectional study was conducted to estimate the prevalence of chromosome abnormalities and normal variable chromosome features (polymorphisms) in infertile men from northeastern Mexico. Karyotyping was carried out in 326 men with diagnosis of infertility. The sperm counts showed 204 patients with oligozoospermia, 87 with azoospermia and 35(More)
A baby with stigmata of Down's syndrome was found to be a mosaic with two different cell lines: 45,XX,der(14q;21q)/46,XX,der(21q;21q)+21. The chromosome rearrangements appeared to have risen de novo. Four mechanisms are discussed for the origin of the mosaicism: dissociation of a translocation (14q;21q) chromosome already present in the 45,XX, der(14q;21q)(More)
Chromosomes were analyzed in cultured lymphocytes of 44 male workers from a lead oxide factory, and from a control group of 15 nonexposed individuals. Lead concentration in blood ranged from 30 to 75 mug/100 ml in exposed subjects and from 15 to 35 mug/10 ml in controls. Length of exposure to lead ranged from one month to 11 years eight months. In subjects(More)
BACKGROUND Primary amenorrhea and lack of sexual development occur in gonadal dysgenesis due to missing ovaries. Primary amenorrhea with sexual development occurs in Rokitansky syndrome due to absence of the uterus, with normal ovarian function. The association of these two conditions has been previously described as a rare event. CASE A 19-year-old woman(More)
In order to know if there would be genetic structural differences among non industrial and industrial populations, two genetic markers were studied: color-blindness (CPC) and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD), in students, males and females that were resident in five non industrial populations in the State of Nuevo Leon. The results were(More)
Using the micronucleus test to evaluate the mutagenic effect of 5,5-diphenylhydantoin (DPH) on bone marrow polychromatic erythrocytes, male Balb-C mice were treated with the drug in single and multiple injection tests. A significant increase in the frequency of micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (MPE), P less than 0.05, was found when the mice(More)
Survival of most endangered birds may depend on breeding programs where sex identification plays an important role. Molecular sexing has shown to be a rapid and safe procedure. In this work we established sex identification of monomorphic endangered Ara birds using a chromosome W-linked DNA marker, the Chromo-helicase-DNA-Binding 1 (CHD) gene. Most birds(More)