Carlos Hernández-Sande

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The withdrawal of mechanical ventilation generally presents no problems if carried out when the values of certain predictive physiological variables suggest that the patient will be able to breathe for him or herself. In certain cases, however, a more gradual weaning procedure is necessary, in which the amount of mechanical assistance provided is in some(More)
Assessment of the fetus in a high-risk pregnancy uses a variety of tests for screening and continued detection of in utero compromise. This paper describes Foetos, an expert system designed to help clinical personnel to interpret several fetal assessment tests: fetal biophysical profile, contraction stress test, and nonstress tests. Foetos has been built(More)
The wealth of physiological data made available by current medical monitoring systems can be used efficiently only if the monitoring system is capable of relieving human personnel of relatively low-level tasks by performing intelligent data interpretation, contextual analysis and advice tasks. The system described in this paper can choose the variables to(More)
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